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So much of our planning and bravery was based on the awesome blogs we read in the months leading up to our trip. We still love keeping up with these fellow travelers’ stories and hopefully our paths will cross some day! If you enjoy our blog, writing style or travel approach, you will no doubt enjoy these sites as well. Keep up the amazing adventures everyone!

flashpackingFlashpacking Around the WorldCraig and John are a married couple from the UK who have been “flashpacking” since 2011. Their posts are extremely entertaining and you have never seen bargainers like these two! They will make you feel like you have been ripped off on every vacation you have ever taken :). We have learned a lot from their posts about India and would love to run into these guys on the road!


NicoleBitten by the Travel Bug – Nicole Smith is a wonderful travel blogger from Adelaide, South Australia. Despite only being in her early 20’s (seriously, what were we doing in our early 20’s), she has had some amazing adventures and shares her stories beautifully in this lighthearted blog. She posts great photos and does a really good job of sharing her well-rounded view of travel. From tips on frequent flyer programs to food posts to promoting artisans from around the world…it really is a “not to miss” blog! – If there was ever a blog that showed you how to stretch your dollar and make travel work on any budget it’s While we find some of their savings tactics extreme, Agness and Cez are truly experts at budget travel. Check out their blog and learn that traveling on $25 is possible and not just for dirty, camping hippies :).


dave-and-debPlanet D – An amazing resource for long term travelers, especially couples, Dave and Deb have been traveling and blogging since 2009. We’ve learned a ton from reading their articles, from planning and preparation to gear reviews and destination ideas.


tumblr_molcn31o1a1rkxbneo1_500Outstanding Places While this isnt the best blog to use as a comprehensive resource guide, the places highlighted will truly inspire you to see the world. It’s sites like this one that make us feel like we are only scratching the surface with a year long trip. The list of places you miss will always dramatically outnumber the places you visit and Outstanding Places does a wonderful job reminding you of that fact :).

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