We are each traveling with an Osprey Porter 46 Liter Travel Backpack and we each have one small bag that will serve as a daypack. Inside, we’ve got everything we should need (and probably more than we need) for the next year. We’ve tried our best to pack minimally, but we’re sure we’ve over-packed in a few areas. The pictures below will tell the story of what we’re bringing with us.

Toiletries, Accessories, Electronics


Drain stopper, 2 headlamps, a bar of soap, 2 lavender sachets, clothesline, sunscreen, 2 bottles of Febreeze, empty spray bottle, hand wipes, Diva Cup, earplugs, concentrated shampoo, argon hair oil, hairspray, shampoo, conditioner, peppermint oil, baby wipes, 2 sham wows, comb, 2 spoon/fork/knife tools, and 2 body wash gloves


2 inflatable J-Travel pillows, eyemask, 2 first aid kits, 2 backpack rain shells, 2 silk sleep sacks, 2 locks with wire, one lock

some caption

Probiotics, contacts, doxycyclene, cipro, fluconaole, Pedialyte, multivitamins, glasses, beard trimmer, contact solution, mosquito repellent, bug bite ointment, CliffShots


Danielle’s makeup. She’s going to have to say what most of this is, apart from the obvious things.


Lenovo Yoga 11s, Sony a58 DSLR, Microsoft Surface RT with Type Keyboard, 1st generation iPod Touch, 500GB Western Digital external hard drive, travel power strip, GoPro Hero3 Silver, Travel Adapters, 1st generation iPod Nano, Timex Run Trainer GPS watch, plain digital wristwatch, headphones, headphone splitter, and cables/accessories for all of that stuff.

Danielle’s Clothes


Top (L-R): Shower sandals, Jeep Shoes. Bottom (L-R): Teva sandals, Sanuk Flip-Flops

Danielles Clothes

Not pictured: clothes worn on the flight to Mumbai. This is 5-6 outfits, mostly skirts and maxi dresses, with one pair of nylon pants and a couple pairs of “stretchy comfy pants”. Also: Buff Headscarf, scarf, ExOfficio Underwear.


All the clothes pictured above are packed in these three small cubes. The largest cube is about 12x8x3 inches.

Adam’s Clothes



Top (L-R): Shower sandals, Mizuno Wave Evo Feris running shoes. Bottom (L-R): Keen sandals, Sanuk Flip Flops.


Running clothes: 2 pairs of Nike Running shorts, 2 dry-fit running shirts, running hat, 2 pairs running socks. Other stuff includes jeans, bathing suit, nylon pants, linen pants, 4 tshirts, a nylon shirt, a cotton button-up shirt, a long-sleeved tshirt, and ex-officio underwear. Adam’s airplane clothes ARE pictured.


Adam’s clothes also all fit into three small packing cubes.



Left-Right: Camera bag (fits inside the black backpack); Adam’s black backpack; Danielle’s old, worn, gray Pacsafe bag.

The Finished Product


Everything above packed neatly with room to spare

Somehow, all of that stuff neatly fit into our bags with plenty of room to spare. The Osprey bags are amazing and we can’t wait to take them out on the road.

Danielle has also put together a Pitnerest Board that lists most of the items we brought with us.

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