Down to the wire

procrastinate-now-and-panic-later-20We depart for India a week from tomorrow and are cutting it dangerously close with a few things. First, the good news: the check arrived today from the company that bought our totaled car, and it looks like we will get our Charles Schwab debit card before we leave. Sweet.

However, we’ve ordered a few things from Amazon that are scheduled to be delivered on Monday the 6th – the day before we leave. Thankfully, none of these are completely necessary: a type-D adapter plug, probiotics, a few Pedialyte packets, a GoPro strap, sink stopper, external hard drive, and headphone splitter. We’ll be ok even if none of this stuff comes, but we really hope it all shows up. Worst case scenario, we pick it all up in April when we come back for my mom’s wedding and Passover.

We’re trying hard to fight our natural urges to procrastinate and have a different experience than we had when leaving for our 2 week trip to Vietnam in 2010. That year, we spent the night before looking for (and finding!) our passports, trial packing our backpacks for the first time (dumb), and getting emails from United Airlines letting us know about flight changes impacting our itinerary. We can’t control what United will do, but we’re not going to do those other two things this time around.

Both of us will have our last official days at work tomorrow, giving us a full week of time off to finish up our preparations. We plan to test pack soon, and then do a final pack as soon as that stuff from Amazon arrives. Here’s hoping it’s relatively stress-free!

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